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It’s never easy finding a quality, high standard and long lasting tool drawer set that will stand up to the harsh road conditions we have here in Australia.

With the many dirt roads with kilometers of corrugations, pot holes and other rough surfaces, you need a tool drawer that is not only going to stand up to such torture, but also be securely closed and easy to open when you need to access your tools. The XL TOOLMASTER™ range is fully designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia and sold to the world!

With the XL TOOLMASTER™ drawer system, opening the drawers is a simple one handed, ergonomic operation. Even though it is easy to open, the advanced engineering behind the latch system allows for the drawer to be closed securely, without concern of it springing open while you drive along the old rustic roads of our great country. Whether you need a fitted tool drawer system in your vehicle or a standalone solution for your workshop, XL has you covered with the XL TOOLMASTER™ range.

We have partnered with workRestart as part of our community awareness commitment. workRestart is a not-for-profit social enterprise, building a stronger future for prisoners. We have gone behind the bars at Borallon Training and Correctional Centre to provide real jobs and training for offenders.

In conjunction with workRestart, XL operates inside the correction centre and employs an inmate workforce to assemble each and every XL TOOLMASTER™ product, creating training and pathways for employment upon release from correction centre. Part of the proceeds of each XL TOOLMASTERr™ is given back to workRestart to assist in the workRestart program.