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SBA is an arm of the longstanding market leader and world-class manufacturer of service bodies, the XL Group.


SBA draws on XL’s proud history and the market leadership of Isuzu to produce truck bodies that tick all the boxes for individual buyers, FMOs and the end user.

We are an established industry game changer providing on-demand work ready service bodies designed to fit Isuzu trucks that offer the best step forward in regards to solving overloading, compliance issues and to boost productivity.


SBA’s service bodies are fit for purpose and closer in pricing to a generic competitor. The hard work of designing and fitting the right service body to a vehicle has been done.

They are engineered by XL and draw on its expertise and continuous investment into R&D since it launched in 1991. Our service bodies are logically designed and productivity-optimised, incorporating comprehensive safety considerations as well as comfort and aesthetic features.


XL is a trusted worldwide supplier of light utility service bodies with markets that include Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, the Middle-East, Asia, Africa and Europe and organisations that include Telstra (a preferred supplier for over 20 years), TACOM (US Military), Medicins Sans Frontiers and the Red Cross.

It continues to be 100% Australian owned and remains as committed as ever to producing world-class products using local materials, expertise and workforce. With a commitment to continual improvement, XL has made significant investments into highly automated and technologically advanced equipment and processes. XL’s Wacol, Queensland facility houses all manufacturing processes as well as a logistics warehouse which covers 25,000 square metres

XL’s ISO 9001:2015 certification (a globally recognised quality management system) highlights it’s continued focus on providing high quality products.