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Fully designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia. 

With the XL TOOLMASTER™ drawer system, opening the drawers is a simple one handed, ergonomic operation. Even though it is easy to open, the advanced engineering behind the latch system allows for the drawer to be closed securely without concern of it springing open even while driving along the old rustic roads of our great country.


The XL TOOLMASTER™ boasts a list of features that leave lesser quality tool drawers behind by a mile.

  • Ergonomic one-handed drawer opening/closing
  • Superior sliding mechanism
  • Heavy-duty superior drawer slides for smooth, dependable performance
  • Corner gusset design strengthens the roll cab without reducing storage capacity
  • Powder coating creates a scratch-resistant finish
  • Available in Red, Blue and White


It’s never easy finding a quality, high standard and long lasting tool drawer set that will stand up to the harsh road conditions we have here in Australia. With many dirt roads and kilometres of corrugations, pot holes and other rough surfaces, you need a tool drawer that is not only going to stand up to such torture, but will also be securely closed, yet easy to open when you need to access those tools.


Many successful trades specialists realise the benefit of well organised tool storage. Increased productivity can be the result of minimising the time it takes to find what you need. Flexible partition configuration options ensure these units can be customised to meet your specific requirements and will provide a durable, robust and reliable solution for years to come.