Australia’s most intelligently designed Large Service Body at a realistic price and with options to suit most applications.

XL-LSB’s impressive list of OHS-appropriate and user-centric features is the product of 25 years of design innovation and refinement. And XL’s investment in state-of-the-art technology means quick and cost-effective construction on their range of Large Service Bodies.

XL are the true pioneers of Service Body manufacturing in Australia while Isuzu Trucks are the undisputed market leader in commercial truck manufacture. Working together, they are a force to be reckoned with in the delivery of Large Service Bodies for Australia’s clients who rightly demand product and service excellence from their major suppliers.

The next step for you to boost your business productivity while taking care of OHS considerations is to take on a new business partner … an XL Large Service Body. Contact us on 1300 855 899 or today to discuss your specific requirements.

Fleet Managers and Fleet Management Organisations can count on SBA as their reliable and proven supplier of Large Service Body custom trucks that keep personnel safe and comply 100% with OHS regulations.

The XL-Truck Bodies range boasts 3 important industry-leading safety features:

  • Low centre of gravity and overall lowered box design which:
    • enables operators and tradespeople to safely reach items stored in all shelves
    • enables safe and easy access to ladders and equipment
    • and delivers superior driving visibility and handling
  • Three points of contact to access the centre aisle
  • Reduced overall operating costs thanks to minimised wear and tear.


Don’t risk overloading

Correct chassis selection will ensure the long life of your fleet, efficient fuel economy, good handling and the safety of your operators and fellow motorists.

Use our Payload Calculator to correctly establish your requirements prior to initial purchase. Reduce operating costs while improving OHS compliance = win/win for all!

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