About Us

Concrete RenderService Bodies Australia are the exclusive agents for XL large service bodies made for Isuzu trucks. We are effectively the conduit that connects the long-standing and trusted Australian XL brand of service truck bodies with proud Japanese truck builder Isuzu, who manufacture the vehicles on which the bodies are exclusively fitted.

The establishment of Service Bodies Australia (SBA) has streamlined and simplified the entire procurement process for individual purchasers through to Fleet Management Organisations. The old days of endless communication between several organisations are over. The new way forward means that we are your partner to the Isuzu dealer network. As truck procurers, you need only deal directly with SBA and enjoy the peace of mind that we will take care of everything for you.

Our new processes have significantly shortened procurement lead times. It’s as simple as you, the customer choosing your preferred body first and then, through our partnership with Isuzu, we will connect you with their most appropriate truck to carry it. SBA customers highly value the time savings and boost to productivity this permits.

So how do we match service bodies to trucks? We begin by looking at the DNA of the Isuzu truck and its capabilities. We examine its wheel base, its steering capacity, its load capacity, its height, length and width. Then we design the body to optimally accommodate our customers’ needs out in the real world.

As an arm of the XL business, SBA draws on the support and benefit of twenty-five years of expertise and R&D. For that extra level of compatibility with the vehicles themselves, XL engineering works closely with Isuzu’s ISIS (Isuzu Sales & Information System) reports to fully ensure that our designs work in unison with the Isuzu Truck. We have diligently applied the laws of physics to our designs. These are no ordinary boxes on trays. SBA truck bodies are science-backed, logically-designed, productivity-optimised work horses.

Our service bodies go beyond practical. In the SBA world, we consider our designs indispensable. After all, trucks are for hard working tradespeople. The days are long and the work is arduous. Practical is just one of the must-have elements. Additionally, we incorporate comprehensive safety considerations that in our business, we consider the ‘not negotiables’. And then there are the comfort and aesthetic features, the desirables that play no small role in the throughput of a typical day.

SBA’s fleet-buying customers are pleased to learn that the investment we have made into R&D delivers positive returns for them in a number of areas. Sturdy construction, XL warranty, risk minimising safety features and the fact that we are keeping things truly simple via our relationship with Isuzu are all significant contributing factors to our edge in the marketplace.

Service Bodies Australia draws on the proud history and market leadership of two of the truck world’s finest manufacturers, XL and Isuzu to produce truck bodies that tick all the boxes for individual buyers, FMOs and the end user.