Mechanic Truck Body with Crane UrbanPro NPS 75C

Crane-fitted all-in-one 4×4                

The UrbanPro NPS 75C offers supreme multipurpose functionality for organisations whose work vehicles go off-road in regional or more remote locations. Its fully integrated Palfinger crane ideally suits it to powerline organisations and tree lopping contractors, among others. Its generous 3000kg payload makes the UrbanPro NPS 75C a safe and dependable light truck for projects of small to medium size.

Thanks to SBA’s investment in comprehensive R&D, our customers can count on our deep understanding of their broader requirements, followed by a more intense investigation of the narrower specifics. We proudly offer task-appropriate configurations that increase productivity and eliminate the need to purchase or hire additional, costly equipment such as trailers or independent cranes.

Our customers also report that keeping their workforce focused on the project at hand, without interruptions or delays caused by inappropriate equipment, greatly contributes to profitability.

We are aware that for some manufacturers, a crane might seem more like an afterthought. At SBA however, we believe that for maximum overall safety, efficiency and performance, full integration is key. It is both the substantial and the minute details that add up to the ultimate work truck. The UrbanPro NPS 75C consistently exceeds customer expectations, even at the planning stage.

The UrbanPro NPS 75C is a fierce and dependable contender in the light truck game. Don’t entrust your crane-reliant projects to a lesser imitation. To discuss your specific requirements, contact us on 1300 855 899 or today.

Standard features

  • For regional areas where 4x4 is indispensable
  • Perfect line-work truck for electrical and communications fleets
  • Approx 3000kg payload
  • When lifting is essential, the Palfinger PC1500 or PC2700 is a symbiotic fit with the storage compartments
  • Front modular compartments may be excluded in favour of cable reels if required
  • Good ground clearance
  • Strong double skin doors with inner pockets
  • Ergonomically designed for safety and convenience
  • Optimal driver visibility
  • Australian made zincanneal steel- with Isuzu Cab matched powder coat finish
  • Designed and engineered to comply with federal and local OHS
  • Fitted to Isuzu NPS 75
  • Slam shut paddle handle locks with 2-stage rotary latching

Optional extras on request

  • Central locking
  • Door ajar alarm
  • LED lighting in all compartments
  • Switch panel in cab for work lamps and beacons
  • Genuine Isuzu reversing camera to media system
  • Integrated bumper/rear step/crow bar compartment
  • 24V dual battery system
  • 3.5t tow bar with 7 pin plug
  • 24-12V  reducer
  • Electric brake controller
  • Load rated tie-down points through centre aisle
  • Light bar with dual flashing amber beacons
  • Jump start receptacle
  • Rear-mounted crane option