1500kg of payload on a car licence

Need more flexibility when hiring staff or scheduling shifts? Carry up to 800kg of payload or 1500kg of payload with a mere car licence! Or, with a Medium Rigid Licence it can safely handle an 1800kg payload! Simple.

Genuine user-centric service body design

Eliminate OHS issues such as double-handling and struggling to load equipment into and out of the truck. Genuine Service Bodies are ergonomically designed for compliance and safety. Don’t settle for imitations that amount to little more than overpriced, poorly built steel boxes on trays.

Maximum centre aisle access safety

Both rear steps are accompanied by two hand rails to provide a minimum of three-points-of-contact ensuring maximum operator safety when accessing the centre aisle.

Safe and easy ladder access

In most cases the LSB range of SBA’s ladder racks are positioned within 2.0m from the ground, greatly reducing the potential for operator injuries.

Industry-leading driver visibility and handling

Our bodies are designed to be low for optimal visibility from the driver’s seat. The same low centre-of-gravity improves road handling which in turn improves the longevity of tyres, brakes and suspension.

Interchangeable cabinet configurations

Through years of design and refinement, SBA’s service body cabinets are interchangeable. This enables us to cost-effectively blur the line between ‘standard’ and ‘custom’ bodies.